Pickin’ with Purpose 2018

Have Fun and Help the Homeless

What is Picking with Purpose?

Picking with Purpose is an opportunity for you to support Restoration Pointe Ministries and have fun by competing with your friends for bragging rights in a college bowl game and NFL playoff “pick ’em” contest.

What is Restoration Pointe Ministries?

Restoration Pointe is an independent, faith-based 501(c)3, powered by collaboration between McKendree United Methodist Church (Nashville) and Grace United Methodist Church (Mount Juliet).  Restoration Pointe’s mission is: “Sharing God’s love in Nashville by caring for the homeless and displaced, while disrupting cycles of poverty.”  Services currently offered include:

  • free meals (6,500 meals served annually)
  • an eight-bed transitional housing unit (augmented with medical care, career counseling, mentorship and clinical counseling for residents) and
  • a clothing closet (8,000 articles given annually).

How do I play?

  • Go to PayPal.com and send your $10 per entry donation to mckendreebobbylee@gmail.com.
  • Go to officefootballpool.com. Click on “pools.” Then click on “join a pool.”
  • The Pool number is 156167
  • The Pool Entry Code is 694k9! (The exclamation point is part of the code)
  • Please sign up by 12/15/2018
  • Follow website prompts to set up your account and pick the winners of a slate of football games each week. We will pick:
    • all college bowl games
    • all college football playoff games, including the national championship,
    • all NFL playoff games and the Super Bowl.
  • The winner(s) is/are the person(s) who correctly picks the most games.
  • The first place finisher will enjoy bragging rights and receive a traveling trophy through 2019 (think the Stanley Cup, but much cheaper, less valuable and more tacky  :))
  • The last place finisher will suffer embarrassment and possession of a traveling trophy (a toilet plunger) through 2019  :((


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