Anticipating our Savior!

Our Advent Sermon Series is “Anticipating Jesus Our Savior!”  As we read the biblical text in this Advent Season, we are reminded that God is about to deliver on a long-term promise of sending humanity a Savior.  Out of God’s love for humanity, God is about to deliver the world in the form of a baby and later in his second coming.  So the Israelites have been waiting with anticipation for their Savior, but not the way they expected.

And today are we anticipating Christ’s coming at any time?  What are you anticipating during this Advent (Christmas) Season?  While we are waiting and anticipating, during what has become the most secular holiday in the world, we cannot give way to the commercialization and hiddenness of Christmas.  Jesus Christ is coming!  Let’s join the Israelites as the gospel writer, Luke, tells us about the coming of Jesus Christ and let us listen with fresh ears and in hopes of a spiritual awakening.

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