McKendree Life Groups — Join Us!

At McKendree United Methodist Church you will hear a lot about life groups.  What are they and why do we feel like they are so important?

Simply put, a life group is a small group (ideally 8-10 people) committed to meet together for a season (a minimum of twice a month for a semester) for the primary purpose of walking together as a group on the Christian journey to grow deeper in our faith in Christ and to engage in missional activity as a group.  We believe that life groups are an essential means for making disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world simply because life groups are places where people learn how to interpret their entire lives through the lens of the gospel, build a vocabulary for giving voice to their experience of God, and grow in faith in Christ.

We currently have life groups meeting in MetroCenter, North Nashville, 12th South, Lebanon, and Midtown among other locations.  We will soon begin a new life Group in East Nashville!  We hope to launch at least 2-3 new life groups this year.  If you have an interest in knowing more about our Life Groups, joining a Life Group or helping to launch or host one, please contact Rick Quinn at

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