Take Intentional Time to Be with God!

Greetings Holy, Healthy and Happy People of God,

As I write this eNote to our faithful and devoted community of radical and responsible followers of Jesus Christ, I want offer a reminder during this Lenten Season.  Remain constant in your Love for God and neighbor.

Recently in London, there was a brutal and fatal attack on citizens planned and executed by seven people, leaving three killed and 29 others in the hospital and seven are still in critical condition.  This is another episode of hatred to innocent people.  Jihadists believe there are no innocent victims in our culture.  However, as followers of a Risen Savior, we believe love is the greatest response to fear and hatred, and not more fear and hatred.

Lamentations 3:22-23 reminds us “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”  In order to be reminded of this God’s agape love we must find time for renewal.  In our renewal time, we can reconnect and reimagine our divine purpose on earth and draw closer to God with our neighbor.  We can engage in many worthwhile events and activities, but the greatest response to others is out of the love of Jesus Christ that resides in you as a disciple of Jesus Christ!  Make time to encounter God and experience refreshment!

Hear the W.O.W., the Words of Wisdom,
“Take intentional time to be with God!”

As always, remember, God’s will for us is good, we must do the rest!
Pastor Stephen

What’s Happening, March 24, 2017


SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICES  are regularly at 9am and 11am.  (On Fifth Sundays we have one combined worship service at 10am.)  Our Lenten sermon series is “Restored: Finding Redemption in Our Mess!”

How many times do we find ourselves as humans in a royal mess?  Do we ever wonder if there is any hope of redemption?  The good news is simply this, whenever God is involved there is always an opportunity for redemption and ultimately restoration.  What in your life needs some restoring?  During this Lenten Season, let’s journey with Jesus to the cross and discover how and where God is redeeming our mess.

ENCOUNTER@METROCENTER  Each Sunday at 12:30pm, McKendree Church has an alternative worship service for those who feel “church” isn’t for them.  This service meets at the United Methodist Publishing House, 2222 Rosa Parks Blvd.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  For more information on either of our Encounter Ministries, you may contact Rick Quinn at mckendreerick@gmail.com.

REFRESH! is our mid-week gathering.  We meet in the first floor chapel each Wednesday, 12:00-12:30pm.  Our worship includes prayers, music, a message and Holy Communion.  Everyone is invited to attend.

NEXT STEPS!  Do you want to know more about McKendree Church – our history, and our ministries?  Want to be more connected?  Whether you’re new to McKendree or have been part of the church family for a long time, we welcome you to join us for conversation in the Archives Room (209, just across from the church office) this Sunday, March 26, following the 9am service.  You’ll have an opportunity to learn more about the ministry and vision of McKendree Church, meet our leaders and take a tour of the church, and find a place to connect!  If you’d like to join us, please RSVP to Ruth Baggett at mckendreeinfo@gmail.com or 615-271-2600.

UMCOR Special Offering on March 26  This Sunday (March 26) is UMCOR SUNDAY.   We give to help alleviate human suffering when disasters happen, in the U.S. or around the world.  The United Methodist Committee on Relief is often one of the first relief agencies on the scene after a disaster and is one of the last to leave.  UMCOR also helps with providing drinking water (wells, sanitation supplies) and housing.  Our gifts to UMCOR bring hope to those around the world who do not have life as good as we do here in the United States.  UMCOR happens because of us!



CLC Rooftop

McKendree Church is supplying fried chicken;
Please bring side dishes and desserts!



WEDNESDAY NIGHT BIBLE STUDY  We are studying the book, He Chose the Nails, by Max Lucado.  We meet in Pastor Stephen’s office at 6pm, and everyone is welcome to join us!

WALKING MEDITATION LIFE GROUP TIME CHANGE  Throughout the history of Christian spirituality, there has been a connection between the simple movement of walking in nature and our spiritual journey.  Under the facilitation of Erik von Nieda, a new walking meditation life group is forming to meditatively walk together, share and dwell on scripture, and lift one another up in our spiritual journey.   NEW DATE/TIME:  The group meets at the Warner Park Nature Center porch, near Old Hickory Blvd on Hwy 100 at 9am on Saturdays, beginning March 25.  For more information or to get involved, contact Erik at ebvn56@gmail.com.

DIVORCED CARE MINISTRY   Karasheila Jackson is starting a Divorce Care Support Group Ministry at The United Methodist Publishing House, 2222 Rosa L. Parks Blvd in Metro Center.  NOTE CHANGES:  The meetings are on Wednesdays, from 6:30-8:00pm.  This session of Divorce Care Ministry will be from March 15-June 7 (13 weeks).  Enrollment is open until March 29.  The cost is $20.

The purpose of the Divorce Care Support Group is to help people begin to heal from the pain of divorce or separation.   We strive to do this in a warm, caring environment designed to help them face their challenges and move toward rebuilding their lives after one of the most painful and stressful experiences that people go through.

If you are interested in being part of this group, please contact Ruth Baggett in the church office (615-271-2600, mckendreeinfo@gmail.com.



The 5th Annual Hike2Heal Walk will be on Saturday, April 22, at Edwin Warner Park.  This is a 5K walk/run/hike, with proceeds to benefit healthcare for the students at Raise the Roof Academy in Uganda.  All ages and abilities are able to participate.  In addition to the walk, there will be a dog show, kid’s zone, music and prizes.  Registration fee is $35.

Raise the Roof Academy now has over 700 children!  The school is located in an area without reliable medical care.  The nearest clinic is a 3 hour walk.  The most affected people in the villages are women, children, and the elderly.  The most prevalent illnesses include maternal related care, malaria, respiratory infections, skin infections, HIV/AIDS and more.  This 5K benefit will allow healthcare to be provided in the form of immunizations, antimalarial treatment, and preventative treatment for the students and staff of the school.  For more information contact 615-686-9085, www.raisetheroofacademy.org or info@raisetheroofacademy.org.  To register for the walk, go to https://runsignup.com/Race/TN/Nashville/Hike2Heal.


PASTOR’S SERMON  You may hear Pastor Handy’s latest sermon by going to https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mckendree-united-methodist/id962978531?mt=2

McKENDREE GIVING  Your financial gifts and donations are always appreciated.  Consider adding McKendree UMC to your bill pay account.  Our address is: 523 Church Street, Nashville, TN 37219.  Online giving is always available at https://mckendreenashville.com/give.  Also, you can text your giving!  Just text the amount you would like to give to 615-375-4049.  The first time you give you will be prompted to visit a secure URL.  Just follow the prompts and enter your information.


As always, remember God’s will for us is good, we must do the rest!
Pastor Stephen

Easter Egg Hunt / Church Fellowship Dinner


Our Easter Egg Hunt will be at 11:30am on the Rooftop Garden of the Christian Life Center.

Following the Easter Egg Hunt, we will have a CHURCH PICNIC/POTLUCK DINNER at 12:30pm in the McKendree Fellowship Hall.  The Church is supplying fried chicken, please bring side dishes and desserts to share!  Everyone is invited!

“No More Excuses Please!”

John 5:1-18, Common English Bible

John offers us some insight into an eyewitness report on the restoration of a man who was restored.  The scene is a pool where it was believed an angel appeared stirring up the waters.  And if by chance you could get to the waters, while they were being stirred, you would be restored or healed from your infirmity (your sickness).

Out of hundreds of sick people, Jesus focuses on a man sick for 38 years.  John suggests it was his (sinful) behavior that caused his sickness.  And his unwillingness to break from that sinful behavior that kept him captive for 38 years.  What was he waiting on?  And what are we waiting on to be healed?

Jesus offers a process for healthy and holy living!

Awareness is necessary!
A certain man was there who had been sick for thirty-eight years.  When Jesus saw him lying there, knowing that he had already been there a long time, he asked him, “Do you want to get well?”   John 5:5-6

Acknowledgment is preferred!
The sick man answered him, “Sir, I don’t have anyone who can put me in the water when it is stirred up.  When I’m trying to get to it, someone else has gotten in ahead of me.”   John 5:7

Advocacy is offered!
Jesus said to him, “Get up!  Pick up your mat and walk.”  Immediately the man was well, and he picked up his mat and walked.  Now that day was the Sabbath.   John 5:8-9

Activism cancels excuses (sin)!
Later Jesus found him in the temple and said, “See!  You have been made well.  Don’t sin anymore in case something worse happens to you.”   John 5:14

Hear the W.O.W., the Words of Wisdom,
“There are no restrictions to healing!”

“Love both sides of people, Jesus did!”

Greetings Holy, Healthy and Happy People of God,

As I write this eNote to our faithful and devoted community of radical and responsible followers of Jesus Christ, I want to invite us in this Lenten Season to embrace the other side of love.  Like a coin, love also has two sides.  One is responsive to those who love us and the other side of love demands that we love even when others refuse to love us.  That is the faithful mark of discipleship, loving those who refuse to love you back.

Jesus is offering us the only way to change the course of evil in the world.  Luke 6:27-31, writes it in this way, “But I say to you that listen, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you.  If anyone strikes you on the cheek, offer the other also; and from anyone who takes away your coat do not withhold even your shirt.  Give to everyone who begs from you; and if anyone takes away your goods, do not ask for them again.

Jesus is offering the only way for us to get out of the mess we are in as a society.  Whatever the mess is, the only resolution is loving our enemies.  And contrary to belief, we all have enemies and when we encounter them, simply love.  It may not make sense, but remain faithful and convicted to both sides of love, especially when evil emerges.

Jesus is reminding us that when we love it is natural, it is unnatural to corrupt, hate, despise, and to try and destroy people.  Wherever you see signs of these abusive behaviors, default to love!  And remember to always, Do to others as you would have them do to you.”  Luke 6:31

Hear the W.O.W., the Words of Wisdom,
“Love both sides of people, Jesus did!”

As always, remember, God’s will for us is good, we must do the rest!
Pastor Stephen