McKendree is a family of people coming together. People of all races sing in harmony. The homeless hold hands with the affluent. We celebrate that we are all God’s children, worshiping and serving together.



Our church (McKendree United Methodist Church, Nashville, TN) has an immediate opening for a part-time Facilities Manager.  We are seeking individuals who lead with vision and humility, possess the four P’s (passion, patience, perseverance and personality), and are team builders, and have mature people skills and strong ethical standards.  The ideal candidate will have a relationship with Jesus Christ, facilities management experience and exhibit the following qualities:  excellent listener and communicator, challenges status quo (graciously), creates strategic value, decisive; business, action and customer service oriented; cost conscious, adaptive and analytical (critical thinker).  If you possess these traits and are interested please submit your resume and at least two references to: mckendreeinfo@gmail.com.



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