McKendree is a family of people coming together. People of all races sing in harmony. The homeless hold hands with the affluent. We celebrate that we are all God’s children, worshiping and serving together.


Brother Lawrence writes in this book, The Practice of the Presence of God, “Let us occupy ourselves entirely in knowing God. The more we know God the more we will desire to know God.”  We are invited to take a “deep dive” into the images Jesus uses to identify himself: bread, light, good shepherd, gate of the sheep, true vine, way of life, resurrection and life. Responding to the invitation for abundant life is a process. Jesus will remind us constantly in these sayings that Christianity was never meant to a religion, but rather a series of deep and abiding relationships that inspire and transform us.  We will be offering a series of reflective questions each week for individual and group engagement.

Join us on Sunday mornings at 9am and 11am, for our Spring Sermon Series as we explore the “I Am” sayings of Jesus.


Spring Sermon Series: Exploring the “I Am” sayings of Jesus


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