McKendree is a family of people coming together. People of all races sing in harmony. The homeless hold hands with the affluent. We celebrate that we are all God’s children, worshiping and serving together.




9:30am until …..

We are planning a work day this Saturday in the kitchen area. We will start about 9:30am.  If you cannot come that early that is okay.  Having fresh workers during the morning will be a good solution.

We need help with the following tasks:
1) scrape and sand the walls, then wipe clean
2) walk behind the floor scraper (electric) to remove the old floor
3) clean the storeroom in preparation for painting
4) clean the stainless steel table, microwave, warming cabinet and bakers rack.

WARNING – These jobs are REALLY DIRTY!  Wear your oldest clothes.  We do have masks to wear in the kitchen, you may want a hat.

Please bring some old rags and rubber gloves (everything is too dirty to touch).  Bring a short ladder if possible.  We have 5, but could use some more.

The old dishwasher has been taken out and Goodwill picked up the old freezer.  Our new appliances have been ordered!  We’re making progress!

Thanks so much to everyone – God is good!


Sunday, July 29
Following our 10am worship service

Sunday, July 29th McKendree will once again celebrate Worship Without Walls with a brief combined worship service at 10am followed by opportunities for work teams to participate in service projects in line with our missional commitments.

One of the project options involves an opportunity to serve at our Pencil Partner school in North Nashville, Buena Vista Enhanced Option Elementary School.  They are requesting a team of 8 volunteers for an indoor project on Sunday, July 29th working in the school’s clothing closet (the school provides uniforms to many students as well as clothes for children and families) and setting up their new “behavior” store providing positive reinforcement for their young scholars.

We want to make sure to fill this project up to provide assistance to the great staff and students at Buena Vista.  If you are interested in being a part of this work team and seeing the great stuff going on at Buena Vista contact the church office (mckendreeinfo@gmail.com) because slots will fill up fast!

This is a time for us to take our worship outside of the church building and share our faith with Nashville!



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