Joining the Movement

We invite everyone to join the movement of God through McKendree.

At the end of every service we issue an invitation to join, or you can speak with our Pastor.

Joining is easy.

It’s staying in that can prove challenging. But once you’re in, here are the expectations…

Following God with our:

  • Prayers: praying individually and corporately for family, community, city and world
  • Presence: being present and active in church worship, Life Groups, and missions
  • Gifts: being generous with the finances, time and talents God has given us
  • Service: serving God and others through our actions
  • Witness: sharing the love of Jesus with people outside the walls of church; inviting others into community.

Joining a Life Group:

Each Life Group demonstrates the following attributes:

  • Missional: serving God through acts of kindness and generosity toward others
  • Discipling: learning more about God through the life of Jesus Christ as he modeled the spiritual practices of prayer, presence, Scripture, fasting, witnessing etc.
  • Nurturing: caring for each other and helping to bear each other’s burdens
  • Accountability: holding each other responsible for our actions and tasks God has assigned us

Living 3 Simple Rules:

  • Do no harm
  • Do good
  • Stay in love with Jesus