Christian Life Center

The McKendree Christian Life Center (CLC) is located on the McKendree UMC Campus at 520 Commerce Street, Nashville, Tennessee 37203.

The CLC is conveniently located in the heart of downtown and offers a host of services to serve Nashville and surrounding communities, including its full court gymnasium, showers and locker rooms and a spectacular outdoor, rooftop loft that can be utilized for small gatherings and various social events.

For information about facility usage, maintenance fees or any of the services offered at the McKendree Christian Life Center, contact Ruth Baggett, Administrative Assistant, at 615.271.2600 or mckendreeinfo@gmail.com.

Facilities also include: 

McKendree Daycare

Cindy Ligon, Daycare Director


Tennessee Conference Archive Depository – Suite 205

615.263.0518 , 615.263.0518

Chase and Associates – Counseling

If you would like to use our facilities:

If you are interested in utilizing the McKendree facility for an event, please complete this form and submit to mckendreeinfo@gmail.com.

If your group is interested in staying overnight at McKendree Church, please complete this form  and submit to mckendreeinfo@gmail.com.

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If you are interested in having your wedding at McKendree Church, please contact Ruth Baggett in the church office at 615-271-2600 or mckendreeinfo@gmail.com.


McKendree’s Christian Life Center has a fabulous rooftop terrace complete with an urban garden, striking Tree of Life Mural, and unique views of the Nashville skyline.  For more information, please submit this form to mckendreeinfo@gmail.com


McKendree United Methodist Church Historical Site

McKendree Church was started in 1787 by Rev. Benjamin Ogden.  To put this in a historical perspective, it was the same year our forefathers were writing the Constitution.  The first church buildings were close to the river, where most of Nashville was located.  As Nashville grew, McKendree Church moved to several locations (including the current site of Hume-Fogg High School) before purchasing our present location 1830. The first church on this site was completed in 1833. Bishop William McKendree preached the dedication service and at that time, the church was named for him.

We’ve had 4 buildings on this site. The first one, completed in 1833, was heavily damaged during the Civil War. The congregation decided in 1876 to take it down and build a larger, more ornate church building. That second one was completed and dedicated in January 1879. Unfortunately, after the close of the evening service on Sunday, October 26 of the same year, the building caught fire and was completely destroyed. The third church was completed in 1882. It lasted until July 4, 1905. Being a hot day, the windows were open, fireworks accidently came through the windows and again the church was destroyed by fire.

Our present sanctuary was completed in 1910. The sanctuary was said to have the first “echo organ” in the South, and one of the finest. The stained glass windows are original to 1910. They are scenes from the life of Christ by various European painters. The work was done by the Von Gerichten Art Glass Company of Columbus, Ohio and shipped here by railroad and installed as the church building was erected. The back part of the church was added in 1932, to provide a fellowship hall, kitchen and more Sunday school rooms. Later more space was needed and the front portion of the church with a modern kitchen, larger fellowship hall, office space and more classrooms, was added in 1966. In October 1988, the lot on the corner of Sixth Avenue and Commerce Street was purchased to build our Christian Life Center. This building houses our Day Care Center, a recreation center and extra office space. It was completed in 1990.