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Life Happens. Friends Help. Jesus Saves.

(This phrase describes McKendree’s life group philosophy)
Real spiritual growth happens best when we team together with others
to grow spiritually and be on mission together.

Current Life Groups

Women’s Groups
12 South NeighborhoodThursdays (2X per month) 6:00 pmContact Group Leader
McKendree Church Feasting & Fasting 20201st & 3rd Sundays 10:00 amContact Group Leader
Men’s Groups
Bel Aire Unisex & SalonEvery Other Tuesday

5:00 pm

Contact Group Leader Michael Haddock
Metro CenterTuesdays 8:00 amContact Group Leader
Men’s Zoom GroupWednesdays 5:00 pmContact Group Leader

Men’s Zoom GroupThursdays 3:30 pmContact Group Leader

Foundry Life GroupMondays 6:00 pmClosed Group

Men & Women’s Groups
Brentwood S.O.A.P.Thursdays 6:00 pmContact Group Leader
North Nashville1st & 3rd Sundays 12:30 pmFor Group Leader Contact Church Office
East NashvilleEvery Other Thursday 7:00 pmFor Group Leader Contact Church Office

McKendree holds both traditional Sunday School Classes and Cultural Awareness Classes.  Both take place via Zoom. For more information, complete the form at the bottom of this page.

There are currently two groups meeting via Zoom. Please see the Life groups listed above. Call the church office at 615-271-2600 and we will get you connected.

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United Methodist Women (UMW) is an intergenerational, multiracial community of almost one million women who raise money for the rights and needs of women, children and youth everywhere.  UMW as a mission organization is also committed to meeting the needs of those living in poverty and oppression.

The Interim President of McKendree’s unit of UMW is currently Teresa LaFlamme;

Any woman or teenage girl may become a member by stating that she desires to do so and that she will support the purpose of the organization in some way.  A woman does not have to be a member of the Church to be a member.

The local unit pledges money to the Women’s Division for use in national and international mission programs and institutions.  Several local organizations and ministries are supported with financial contributions and/or by gifts in kind.  Material gifts are given each month to some local organization that serves the needy in our community.  The McKendree women plan and host a Spiritual Retreat for all women of the church each year.

See what it is all about!

Boy Scout Troop 219

Troop 219 came to McKendree United Methodist Church in August of 2004.  Troop 219 has 21 Eagle Scouts!  We are very proud of each of our Eagle Scouts and we work hard to help all our scouts reach that awesome achievement!

We do lots of camping, earn merit badges, and achieve rank advancement.  We attend Boxwell Summer Camp and Winter Camp each year.  Our troop has made trips to Washington DC, Pensacola Beach, Florida, and the National Jamboree in Virginia!

Troop 219 is happy to call McKendree United Methodist Church home.  To show our appreciation, we serve a breakfast once a year for the church to enjoy.  Troop 219 also attends and serves in McKendree’s worship services on United Methodist Scout Sunday each February.

We have participated in service projects such as St Jude’s Marathon, Whitney M. Young, Jr. Service Award Banquet, community functions, and cleaning and organizing places, to name a few.  Our Eagle Scout projects have taught our scouts many skills.  They have built shelving units, tables, benches, foundations, a bird blind, and stairs.  They have rebuilt outdoor worship areas, beach areas and fences, as well as marking trails with reflective markers in a state park.  But not all of our projects were outdoors – the scouts have coordinated and run a safety awareness program for youth, made personal hygiene kits for the shelters and cleaned, repaired, painted and partially furnished a Renewal House.

Troop 219 participates in fundraisers to help with the cost of our camping and trips.  Some of those fundraisers include selling popcorn and camp cards and the Kroger Community Rewards program also.  This not only teaches selling skills, it also ensures that everyone can participate in all activities.

Check us out online at

For more information, contact: Scoutmaster Lewis Minor at 615-336-0584.


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