Exploring the “I AM” Statements of Jesus

Our Spring Sermon Series is called Exploring The “I AM” Sayings of Jesus!  Brother Lawrence writes in this book, The Practice of the Presence of God, “Let us occupy ourselves entirely in knowing God.  The more we know God the more we will desire to know God.”  We are invited to take a “deep dive” into the images Jesus uses to identify himself: bread, light, good shepherd, gate of the sheep, true vine, way of life, resurrection and life.  Responding to the invitation for abundant life is a process.

Jesus will remind us constantly in these sayings that Christianity was never meant to a religion, but rather a series of deep and abiding relationships that inspire and transform us.  We will be offering a series of reflective questions each week for individual and group engagement.  We invite you to join us for worship each Sunday at 9am and 11am!

The Evidence of Grace!

Our new sermon series, “The Evidence of Grace!”  is in two parts.  Using the Prodigal Son parable, we will explore how grace is evident in three ways: Prevenient Grace, Justifying Grace and Sanctifying Grace.  These three descriptors of grace are distinctively Wesleyan.  Each one offers a helpful understanding of how God’s grace works in our lives and how grace worked in the lives of both sons of the Father.  The first part of the series will be this Sunday, February 17, and we will conclude the series on February 24.

Made for More!

Our Winter Sermon Series is  “Made For More!”  Paul, the Apostle of Jesus Christ, reminds the people of the Ephesus community to unite under the sovereignty of Jesus Christ!  Christ has reconciled the whole of creation to himself and to God.  Paul is writing from prison to the church in Ephesus that they have a responsibility because humanity was Made For More in this world.  God has invited humanity to participate in this transforming act of salvation through Jesus Christ.

People of all nations are united to Christ and to one another in the church, through the working of the Trinity.  Paul uses several word pictures to describe the church: body, temple, mystery, new creature, bride, and soldier.

Christians should lead holy lives that give honor to God.  Paul issues specific guidelines for right living because humanity was Made For More!

Anticipating our Savior!

Our Advent Sermon Series is “Anticipating Jesus Our Savior!”  As we read the biblical text in this Advent Season, we are reminded that God is about to deliver on a long-term promise of sending humanity a Savior.  Out of God’s love for humanity, God is about to deliver the world in the form of a baby and later in his second coming.  So the Israelites have been waiting with anticipation for their Savior, but not the way they expected.

And today are we anticipating Christ’s coming at any time?  What are you anticipating during this Advent (Christmas) Season?  While we are waiting and anticipating, during what has become the most secular holiday in the world, we cannot give way to the commercialization and hiddenness of Christmas.  Jesus Christ is coming!  Let’s join the Israelites as the gospel writer, Luke, tells us about the coming of Jesus Christ and let us listen with fresh ears and in hopes of a spiritual awakening.

“Fear Not!”

“Fear Not!” is the November Sermon Series!  Recent events such as the Jewish Synagogue where eleven people were killed, the volatility of the stock market, racial tension, gun violence, religion intolerance, and political indifference is driving fear for many people.  People are fearful of never getting married, fearful of losing a job, of not being able to pay the mortgage.  We have fear of the unknown, fear of intimacy, and even fear of commitment.  One of the realities of this life is fear of things.  These are real concerns and fear seems reasonable to a person, even when it appears irrational.  But fear drives us away from God and reveals our desire to control the circumstances before us.  The number one command in the Bible is “Fear Not,” and it’s also a loving invitation to trust God.