Wedding Prices and Guidelines

Wedding Guidelines

Marriage is a sacred trust, instituted of God, and signifies the mystical union which exists
between two persons. It is therefore to be entered into reverently, discretely, and in the love and
grace of Jesus Christ.

McKendree United Methodist Church provides a setting through which weddings may take
place. McKendree places a high value upon the wedding as a spiritual act of God. As an act of
God, the wedding becomes much more than a ceremony or a happy moment. It becomes a
very sacred moment and a special divine experience of worship.

With this in mind, McKendree United Methodist Church establishes the following guidelines to
assist persons in their sacred moment of marriage.


MINISTERS Guidelines

MUSIC Guidelines

decorating Guidelines

Photography Guidelines

Parking Guidelines

REHEARSAL Guidelines

RECEPTION Guidelines


Wedding Fees For Inactive Church Members and Non-Church Members

Rehearsal and Wedding, Church Usage (chapel or sanctuary)

         $150.00                   Use of chapel (seats about 70)

         $750.00                   Use of sanctuary (seats 300-350)

Rehearsal and Wedding, Church Staff

         $400.00                   Church Wedding Coordinator

         $300.00                   Custodian

         $200-$300.00         Audio/Sound Person (depending on amount of sound work needed)

         $400.00                   Pastor (If McKendree’s pastor is doing the wedding ceremony)

This price includes 4 hours of pre-marital counseling.  You are welcome to have your own minister perform the wedding ceremony, as long as he/she is an ordained minister of a recognized denomination.  If you want to have McKendree’s pastor perform the service, you must let us know when you send in your reservation form, so we can see if he is available.

         $300.00-$450.00   Organist (depending on amount of music and if he/she has to

         rehearse with a soloist)

NOTE:  You are not required to have organ music at your wedding.  But if the sanctuary pipe organ is used, you are required to use our organist or an organist that we supply.

Rehearsal Dinner  (in addition to fees for wedding)

         $500.00                   Use of Fellowship Hall

         $400.00                   Custodian

Reception  (in addition to fees for wedding)

         $500.00                   Use of Fellowship Hall

         $400.00                   Custodian

A deposit of $100.00 is required to confirm a wedding reservation.  If there is no breakage or damages, the deposit will be refunded to the person designated on the reservation form.

All charges for services and use of the facilities for a wedding shall be paid in full two weeks prior to the date of the wedding.

NOTE:  We do not have a church parking lot.  You will need to make an arrangement with one of the downtown parking lots/garages for parking that day, or your guests will have to pay to park.  Although this is not part of our wedding fee, it is important to realize that by having your wedding at McKendree Church, this will be an added expense.