Wedding Prices and Guidelines

Wedding Guidelines

Marriage is a sacred trust, instituted of God, and signifies the mystical union which exists
between two persons. It is therefore to be entered into reverently, discretely, and in the love and
grace of Jesus Christ.

McKendree United Methodist Church provides a setting through which weddings may take
place. McKendree places a high value upon the wedding as a spiritual act of God. As an act of
God, the wedding becomes much more than a ceremony or a happy moment. It becomes a
very sacred moment and a special divine experience of worship.

With this in mind, McKendree United Methodist Church establishes the following guidelines to
assist persons in their sacred moment of marriage.



Weddings are scheduled at McKendree United Methodist Church by the Church Wedding
Coordinator who will furnish necessary information in the planning of the wedding.
The Church wedding coordinator will meet with the couple as often as necessary in order to
ensure an efficient planning process.


A McKendree minister will officiate upon availability. In the event McKendree’s pastor is not
available, McKendree staff will assist in identifying an appropriate officiant.
If there is a guest minister to officiate, an invitation will be extended by the McKendree minister.
It is required that the guest minister be ordained in a recognized denomination.
Premarital counseling is required for all couples. The church wedding coordinator can refer the
couple to Christian-based counselors.


It is important to keep in mind that the marriage ceremony is a Christian service of worship in
the church.
Music is a meaningful part of this ceremony; its purpose is to glorify God. Therefore, the music
should be appropriate for a service of worship. The names and lyrics of all music must be
presented to the church wedding coordinator no later than two weeks before the wedding. The
church wedding coordinator will consult with the Worship Director to insure the integrity of the
Christian service.
Only our Staff Organist may play the organ for rehearsals and weddings. If pre-recorded music
is to be used, it must be submitted to the church wedding coordinator no later than two weeks
before the wedding, so that it may be coordinated with the Sound Engineer prior to the wedding


Wedding Guidelines, 27 June 2016
Since the wedding ceremony is a deeply spiritual service, religious symbols are not to be
removed from the chancel area. All pulpit furniture will remain in place.
Decorations should be simple and enhance a worship experience.
One arrangement of flowers may be used on the altar table, with the altar candles remaining in
place. The church supplies candles for the altar candlesticks. No glitter is to be used on any of
the flowers, bows or other decorations.
Flower girls may scatter silk petals only.
All candelabra must be confined to the chancel area.
No tacks, nails, pins, screws, staples or tape are to be used, driven in or attached to walls,
floors, pews or furnishings.
Bows, flowers and greenery must be secured to the pews with ribbon only.
No candles will be placed in the stained glass windows. (The window ledges slope downward.)
Protective material beneath floral containers must be used where there is danger of dampness
or seepage.
The florist should remove all candelabra and accessories from the church following the picture taking after the ceremony.


Because of the spiritual nature of the wedding service, no photographs may be taken once the
bridal party is at the altar, except from the balcony (time exposures only – no flash
The photographer may take photos of the wedding party in the Narthex as they enter and leave
the sanctuary.
Photographs may be made at the Chancel before and after the ceremony.
The photographer must finish making photos in the sanctuary one hour before the ceremony.
This facilitates the adjustment of lighting, a final check on the sanctuary and receiving early
Anyone taking photographs must not use flash cameras during the ceremony. This distracts
and takes away from the sanctity of the occasion.
The photographer should have a list of photographs to be made before and after the ceremony.
In making photographs at the chancel, the photographer must make sure that persons do not
stand on the kneelers.
Video taping is permitted, if no additional lighting or sound is required. Camera may be used
only from stationary positions in the balcony.

McKendree Church does not provide parking. There are several garages and parking lots
nearby. The wedding couple is responsible to contact a parking facility and pre-pay for the
wedding parking.
Metro Nashville law does not allow parking in front of the church or in the alley beside the
church. Metro police can (and often do) ticket and tow cars illegally parked.


A wedding rehearsal is mandatory the evening before the wedding. This must be
scheduled with the church wedding coordinator who will notify the church office.
The minister performing the ceremony, the bride, groom and ALL attendants (bridesmaids,
ushers, flower girl, ring bearer) MUST BE PRESENT to prepare for the wedding.


The Fellowship Hall may be reserved for a wedding reception. It will accommodate a maximum
of 150 guests.
It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to select a caterer. The church kitchen may not be
used by an outside caterer without discussing plans with the church wedding coordinator.
Tables and chairs are furnished by McKendree Church. A layout plan sheet from the Church
Office must be completed, so that the custodian may have available the proper number of tables
and chairs for the reception.
All music and conduct must be in line with the Christian values of the Church.
If dancing is desired at the reception, it must be discussed with the church wedding coordinator
in advance.
The wedding party is responsible for clean up. All trash, food, and disposables are to be
removed in trash bags and place in the trash bins outside the church.
The building will close at 10:00 p.m.


McKendree United Methodist Church cannot be responsible for wedding dresses, equipment,
materials, etc. Personal items may be left in dressing rooms during the ceremony and
reception. It is the responsibility of the wedding party to lock the doors of the dressing rooms
during the times when everyone is elsewhere. The custodian will open the doors upon the
request of the wedding party. McKendree Church does not guarantee against loss or damaged
Only birdseed, petals, or bubbles may be thrown outside the Church.
No smoking in the building. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the premises.
The Church will be open before the wedding for a period of time satisfactory to florist,
photographer and the wedding party.
Nursery facilities are not available.

Wedding Fees For Inactive Church Members and Non-Church Members

Rehearsal and Wedding, Church Usage (chapel or sanctuary)

         $150.00                   Use of chapel (seats about 70)

         $750.00                   Use of sanctuary (seats 300-350)

Rehearsal and Wedding, Church Staff

         $300.00                   Church Wedding Coordinator

         $250.00                   Custodian

         $150-$250.00         Audio/Sound Person (depending on amount of sound work needed)

         $400.00                   Pastor (If McKendree’s pastor is doing the wedding ceremony)

This price includes 4 hours of pre-marital counseling.  You are welcome to have your own minister perform the wedding ceremony, as long as he/she is an ordained minister of a recognized denomination.  If you want to have McKendree’s pastor perform the service, you must let us know when you send in your reservation form, so we can see if he is available.

         $250.00-$350.00   Organist (depending on amount of music and if he/she has to

         rehearse with a soloist)

NOTE:  You are not required to have organ music at your wedding.  But if the sanctuary pipe organ is used, you are required to use our organist.

Rehearsal Dinner  (in addition to fees for wedding)

         $200.00                   Use of Fellowship Hall

         $200.00                   Custodian

Reception  (in addition to fees for wedding)

         $350.00                   Use of Fellowship Hall

         $300.00                   Custodian

A deposit of $100.00 is required to confirm a wedding reservation.  If there is no breakage or damages, the deposit will be refunded to the person designated on the reservation form.

All charges for services and use of the facilities for a wedding shall be paid in full two weeks prior to the date of the wedding.

NOTE:  We do not have a church parking lot.  You will need to make an arrangement with one of the downtown parking lots/garages for parking that day, or your guests will have to pay to park.  Although this is not part of our wedding fee, it is important to realize that by having your wedding at McKendree Church, this will be an added expense.