What We Do

Image result for green crystal ball png CONNECT our hearts to God and one another!

Our first priority is pleasing God!  By being in relationships with God and one another, we connect and better understand our purpose in the world.  Being connected and made in the image of God reflects God’s love for us!  We believe in being Cross-shaped followers of Jesus, which means spending intentional time with God and then connecting by serving others.  Often you will hear the phrase, “Building bridges of hope through the love and grace of Jesus Christ,” on the McKendree campus.

Conversations are our primary means for making connections with one another.  As the Holy Spirit leads us through each day, we are paying close attention to our surroundings and the people God puts in our path.  People provide a passionate opportunity for connecting and sharing the love of Christ.

Image result for crystal ball png  RECEIVE others with the love of Jesus!

McKendree is a community for ALL people – judgement is not practiced here!  Regardless of your current situation, condition, or socio-economic status, we are here to glorify God by loving, receiving and helping people where they are today.  We delight in seeing God send people into our lives and experience God’s transforming together in community!

God loves us unconditionally.  Because we believe this, we try to, as closely as possible, lead a life that extends unconditional love for all others.  By receiving people, we are compelled to give and share our lives.  And when we do not live into this, we simply ask for forgiveness!

Image result for crystal ball png EQUIP/GROW in the knowledge, wisdom and love of our Lord!

Our main focus as a community is equipping people to follow Jesus without distractions and division.  Growing in the knowledge, wisdom and love of Jesus Christ consumes us and we don’t apologize for being known by Jesus.  We are also called to possess a knowledge, contagious spirit, and a love for our Savior and Redeemer!

Equipping happens through worship, but also in smaller, more intimate Life Groups, where mDNA exists.  In small groups, we offer opportunities to be strengthened through a process of being Missional, Disciplining, Nurturing and Accountable.  There are a variety of small group “loving, learning, listening, and leading” opportunities at the church and throughout the city.

Image result for green crystal ball png  SEND us into the world to share the love of Christ!

We are saved to serve!  Jesus taught his disciples and then sent them out into the neighborhood, community, and the world.  And so it is with us – we take Christ’s love out into the world.  Following Jesus not only involves risk-taking mission, but also the eternal reward of the Kingdom of God.  We are called and committed to the challenge of going to those places that most people avoid.

Missional efforts are at the core of our community.  Each small group is expected to participate in a missional focus along with our worshiping community.