As you walk in the doors of our church, we hope you see that children are an important and growing part of our community.

Just as we encourage adult members of our congregation, we want the children to build bridges of hope through the love of Jesus Christ. We foster an environment where children are not only vessels for us to pour into,  but for them to also pour into us.

McKendree offers children age-appropriate activities where they are given a loving and nurturing environment through their teachers and volunteers.  While in these environments, the children are fed the word of God and given the opportunity to talk about it, model it, write it, act it, recite it, and engage with one another.

During our 9 a.m. service we offer preschool and elementary classes.  The nursery is available for all church services for children two and under.  Throughout the year, we also offer special opportunities for the children to participate in adult worship.  During the summer, we have Vacation Bible School.

We also understand the desire to make sure your children are safe. There is a specific and strict sign in/sign out policy for the nursery,  For children 3 and older, we issue lanyards with info from the registration forms filled out by their parents on the first visit including parent contact info, who is authorized to pick the child up, and necessary medical info in a coded, discreet fashion. After children’s church and Sunday School we receive their landyards and release the children to preauthorized caretakers at 11:00 a.m., or earlier if needed.

Fifth Sundays are all about the whole church coming together for a worship experience: traditional and contemporary service goers, parents, children’s ministry volunteers, and children included, as they are able. Our nursery remains open for ages 4 & under, while preK and elementary children typically share a song they have been working on in children’s church and are then encouraged to remain in the service with their parents. “Survival activity kits” are provided, and we are working on facilitating an informal playtime for children whose parents decide they may have a more difficult time remaining still for a full service downstairs in the preK room.