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Cooking Conversations on Zoom?

If you would like to host a Cooking Conversations on Zoom sharing your own recipe with friends and family you can sign up here.

Here’s the Scoop!

Once you submit your recipe along with a request to host a Zoom segment, we will create a Zoom link that best fits your time frame and send it to you, so you can invite friends and family along with those who sign up through the McKendree newsletter or from McKendree’s social media. We will highlight your segment in the McKendree newsletter and on the McKendree Facebook page as well as being on our calendar of events on the website..

Here’s an idea!

You could teach a friend to make your recipe in-house with you or on a Zoom connection where the two of you can talk and you share your recipe step by step and cook it together. Your conversation as you cook will be great dialog while others watch.

Anyone watching can cook along as well, but you can opt to keep everyone muted until the meal is ready to eat.  Those watching can ask questions or make comments in the Zoom chat during the cooking time; then when the meal is completed you can all eat together, go over items in the chat, and talk about different things to add to the recipes or whatever. How fun!!!

Sign up for a time of fun and fellowship led by you!

Let’s build something together.

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