Camp Out: Getting S’More of Jesus

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL  A huge thank you to all who volunteered and participated in McKendree’s VBS July 15-16.  It was a great success and it wouldn’t have been without everyone that helped.  I hear my moose impression is still being talked about.  🙂

Thank you to Daphne Coomer for leading our Music and More opening and closing and for being my right hand through it all.

Thanks to all the station leaders/helpers (Rick, Sonya, Andrea, Hattie, Debbie, Heather, Richard, Handy family).  The children learned so much in such a little time!

Thanks to all my crew leaders/helpers for leading, guiding and controlling (ha, ha) all our McKendree kids.  Thank you so much Annaleigh, Matt, Taylor, Sheri, Caitlin, Ehren, Susan, Emily, and Karla.

Thank you to my behind the scenes people.  Jenni for taking great photos, Tori for helping in the nursery, Pastor Stephen for prayers, Ruth for keeping me in check.

Also thank you to the amazing lunch crew for putting together a delicious camp out lunch on Saturday!  You are the best, Penny, Steve, Shelley, and Colin.

And a big thanks to anyone who let us have fun with your children, prayed over VBS, and donated to VBS.  It takes a village and we have one of the best at McKendree UMC.

— Alison Weakley

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