The Table of Thanks and Giving!

November 2017 Sermon Series

Thankfulness is a major theme in the Bible.  From the birth of a baby to the deliverance of a people, God’s people have so much to be thankful for in everyday life.  Giving is another theme is the Bible most modeled when God sent Jesus into the world to redeem and reconcile us. Both thanks and giving are most prominent promises around the table with Jesus and others.

Jesus offers us some lessons when he invites people to the table of thanksgiving. During Jesus’ life he invited a variety of people to sit at tables to listen, broaden their perspective and be healed.  Jesus viewed the table as a place of necessary refuge, conscious reconciliation and blessed assurance. Jesus understood a simple invitation to come and then engage at the table so that lives can be examined, restored, and ultimately transformed into the His image and likeness.

How much time to we spend at the table with Jesus and others? Jesus invites us and others to the table of thanksgiving. Will we, as followers of Jesus, join him in this season of thanksgiving over a meal and eventually to join the movement where of thanks and giving are natural?

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