Reset Your Day!

Philippians 4:4-7, New International Version

Where in life do we need to remove anxiety?  Life is a sacred gift from God.  In the daily experience of life, we have to make choices about moving forward or going backward.  Anxiety is needless because God is near.

God wants us to know that we can live as a non-anxious presence.  We can reset when anxiety creeps into our daily routine.  Isolation creates a downward cycle of fret.  Choose instead to be the people who clutch the presence of God with both hands.

Release the anxiety!
Do not be anxious about anything,   Philippians 4:6a

Every situation requires prayer!
but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.   Philippians 4:6b

Hear the W.O.W., Words of Wisdom,
“God already knows!”

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