Transforming Trials

Matthew 6:9-13, NRSV

Jesus is teaching the disciples to prepare for the world by being aware of the temptations and the evil (one) in the world.  Back in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve are confronted with temptation.  Temptations come daily!  And evil is real!  Both are so real that we cannot avoid them.  When evil emerges through trials, we end up making a few decisions.

Wherever God leads us there is a greater plan of deliverance than we can know.  So we must trust God as He directs our paths.  We cannot avoid temptations or evil, but we can learn to trust God more deeply and to navigate this path of righteousness.

We react out of fear!

We respond out of faith!

We retreat out of love to God!

Hear the W.O.W., the Words of Wisdom,
“The Cross Delivered Us From Evil!”

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