What’s Happening: August 5

This Sunday

Sunday Worship Services are regularly at 9am and 11am (on Fifth Sundays we have one combined worship service at 10am). This Sunday we are beginning a sermon series entitled, “Don’t Miss Your Exit!” Often we are so distracted by our surroundings, we miss getting off on the right exit. The right exit is where God is directing us, not a place of destination. God desires that we discover and discern His direction so that we are clear about our faith steps on the journey. How do we know when to exit? Let’s journey together and see where God is leading us so we don’t miss getting on the right exit.


The Encounter is a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-generational, and multi-class movement and extension ministry of McKendree for the purpose of building bridges of hope through the love of Jesus Christ. In risky, vulnerable small group conversations around tables we seek to confront issues of privilege, racism, and classism that divide us and to hear the call to God’s beloved community. The Encounter@Edgehill meets at 6PM the first Sunday of each month at the Edgehill Café, 1201 Villa Place, Nashville 37212. For more information contact Pastor Handy (mckendreestephen@gmail.com) or Rick Quinn (mckendreerick@gmail.com).

Christmas In July!


Last Sunday we celebrated Christmas in July – a time when we bring gifts of school supplies for Rose Park Magnet School. The McKendree family responded in a big way! We received:

  • 38 folders 1500 pencils (approximately) 2 calculators
  • 1500 pencils (approximately)
  • 2 calculators
  • 175 composition books
  • 235 spiral note books
  • 17 packs of paper
  • crayons
  • index cards
  • pens
  • sharpies
  • erasers
  • Kleenex
  • pencil pouches/boxes
  • stapler & staplers
  • glue

These items will make starting school easier for a lot of families and teachers. Thank you so much for your spirit of giving and generosity!

-5j_h4te4Og6XVC8Y7k2homzZvKJ0L3T-Ao5HIDtcleGju9osAgjF7b2QfhHnUYVX1k-=s147                  HEIFER INTERNATIONAL


For the past month we have received donations for the Heifer International Project, so we could purchase a cow for a needy family around the world. Our Evangelism/Mission/Social Justice Team’s first goal was to raise $500 to purchase one cow, then a new goal was set to raise enough money for 2 cows. The total received will be announced Sunday. To God be the Glory! Thank you to everyone who gave!




Following our worship service last Sunday, our McKendree family became the heart, hands and feet of Jesus by participating in several different projects in the community. We had a great response of people! We will have some project highlights to share with you in our next newsletter.


REFRESH! is our mid-week gathering. We meet in the first floor chapel each Wednesday, 12:00 – 12:30pm. This short time of worship includes prayers, hymns, a message and Holy Communion.

Everyone is invited to attend.


Our Adult Bible Study meets at 6pm in the Pastor’s office. We are beginning a study from the book Forgiveness: Making Peace with the Past by Douglas Connelly. The lesson for August 10 is “Why We Need Forgiveness” and the reading assignment is Ephesians 2:1-10. Everyone is welcome to join us!


URGENT NEED! We desperately need men’s clothing for our clothes closet! All sizes are appreciated, but especially we need sizes large, extra-large and up. Our shelves on the men’s side of the room are almost bare. We need pants, shorts, pullover shirts and t-shirts. You may bring your donations to the church on

Sunday or to the church office during the week. Thank you!

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