Kitchen Renovation Report, August 6, 2018

Our kitchen renovation is moving along!  Here’s what’s been done so far—

All the old equipment is gone!  The old duct work, fans and hood, the old stove, dishwasher, convection oven and icemaker.  Just getting that old stove out of the building was a real challenge!

The wooden shelving in dish room has been removed, old soap dispensers taken down and all the holes in the walls repaired.  All the flooring has been taken up, and the floor scraped down.  The walls and ceiling have been sanded.  Painting has begun.

The equipment that will go back in the kitchen has been given a thorough cleaning and is currently being stored in the fellowship hall.

The new duct work, fans and hood were delivered, and they are in the fellowship hall. They are beautiful.

All the new equipment has been ordered – a 6-burner gas range, convection oven, freezer, dishwasher and ice machine!

Metro Water Works met with us concerning drain lines and grease traps.  We have 3 floor drains that are open; the 2 that don’t flow can be capped off, which means we do not have to break up the floor to install new drains.  This was fabulous news.  Also we do not have to install a grease trap at this time.  (It can be installed later with no problem.)

Thanks so much to everyone who came on our work days and gave their time and energy!  A special ‘Thank you” to Steve and Penny Hooper, who have been at the church every day making sure that everything is done!  This renovation would not be happening without them.

We’re looking forward to our new space and how God will minister to others through it.

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